Increasing yields growing marijuana, how to open up your plants to create a sea of green

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in this video I go over some of the tricks and techniques we use to open up our plants in order to maximize our yields. I show you what we do during our first week of flower to really open these plants up..

Hey Guys!!! Wizard NPK here..  I’m a state registered and licensed medical marijuana caregiver located in Colorado who grows for a lot of very dank buds for state registered medical marijuana patients. 

ATTENTION GROWERS: for a limited time I’m giving away the nutrients I use and blend free of charge just cover shipping!  I’m planning on taking this nutrient line to Market soon but would like a little more feedback from other fellow growers before doing so.  As a tester you will be entitled to a lifelong discount of 50% when the product goes to Market. I will personally be available to help dial the nutrient in for your particular growing technique making it the most perfect nutrient you’ve ever used!  Testers must be familiar with hydroponic or Coco/perlite growing,and possess a reliable pH meter. If you’re interested shoot me an email with your name and state your located in, be sure to also include a short little bio about your grow experience and an approximation of how many gallons of nutrients you feed your plants on a weekly basis.  Be sure to also include a picture of your grow. remember this is a limited-time offer so if you’re interested get back to me right away.

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