How To Make Pot Brownies – That Cooking Show: Ep 5420

That Cooking Show Ep: 5420

In this episode Vaze shows how to make the classic cannabis edible Pot Brownies.

In this Culinary master piece of an episode do it yourself pot brownies with trippy psychedelic scenes that will drive you insane. Vaze haze stumbles in on a clone cooking with meat and blows off his head. Then Vaze starts tripping out really bad and meets his dad who is drinking chocolate milk.

Can we be on Adult Swim now?
Created by

Akimmel Films

Written by
Donnel Taylor & Aaron Kimmel

Vaze Haze
Kyle McDonald
William Tillman

Camera & Editor
Aaron Kimmel

Music by
Typhoon Brigand


Typhoon Brigand –

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