Proving and Disproving Myths About Weed With Experiments – STONED (Full Episode)

Weed is currently the most popular recreational drug in the UK, and nearly half of the country wants it legalised. But ultimately, the argument over weed rests on how it affects us. Its detractors say it causes anxiety, paranoia and other more serious mental health issues, but its fans point to a long list of health benefits – and the fact that it’s fun. It’s a debate that’s been raging for decades with no clear winner – until now!

VICELAND has come up with a range of ‘entirely scientific’ experiments to prove or disprove a range of popular myths about this divisive plant. To talk about these experiments, we’ve convinced Vice presenter Charlet Duboc, drug scientist Guy Jones, Ian Frizzell, who uses cannabis medicinally to alleviate his Parkinson’s symptoms and Alhan Gençay, one of our cannabis experiment volunteers to step into a hotbox where a world record for the largest amount of cannabis ever burnt in a confined space is being attempted.

Surely, this is an environment that will facilitate ground-breaking scientific research?

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